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Active Vice Presidents

Below is the list of members that are Active VP's at Maidstone FC. Over the years these members have gone above and beyond in service for the club. In recognition, they have been awarded the distinguished honour of becoming a Maidstone FC Vice President. Listed below is also the Honorary life members due to their contributions to the club, or incumbent position within a role linked with the Maidstone Borough.


MGS Headmaster

Mayor of Maidstone

Robert Hayton


Alan Hayward
Alex Craven

Alison Slaughter
Andy Bacon
Andy Golding
Barry Topple
Ben Court
Bob Hayton
Bob Purfit
Brian Mckeon
Carol McKenzie
Chris Dunster

David Arnold
David Charlton
David Tugwell
David Eiffert
David Hughes
David Pares

David Smith
Des Diamond
Diane Hughes
Eugene Moore
Eva Howson

Geoff Burr
Glyn Richards
Gordon Diment
Ian Milsted

Jerry Sargent
Jim Tinsley
Jim Walker
John Legge
Jon Sargent
Karen Moore

Karim Neseyif
Keith Newman

Lucian Morosan

Martin Arnold
Matthew Ellesmere

Mick Walker
Nick Cracknell
Norman Hall

Paul Ehrhart
Paul Firmin

Pete Brown
Peter Mack
Phil Davies
Phillip Charlton
Richard Ewence
Richard Gray
Richard Parker
Robert Beney

Sean Charlton
Shaun Neaves
Simon Knight

Steve Pooley
Steve Vincent

Stuart Hammond
Terry Lock
Terry Parnell
Tony Lock

Tony Murphy
Trevor Marvin


Active VP's are defined as those VP's either still paying a membership or performing a benefit in kind.

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