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MFC Colts New Structure

April 30, 2021

The club not only strives to provide the most inclusive and enjoyable environment, but one that develops player skills levels. A key focus is the continued development of 17 and 18-year-olds as they prepare for senior rugby. With this in mind, we have been solidifying the structure of the Colts section to provide the best coaching and development to ease the transition into senior rugby.


Due to this season all but being suspended, the RFU have declared that age grade rugby will continue up to and including under 19’s (18-year-olds).


This decision has been made with player safety in mind, as they would have missed an important year of learning. Players of 17 and over will be able to play senior rugby with combined permission from coaches, Kent RFU, RFU & club, but not until February 2022. Also, as a result of this, we will continue to run a separate u17's section under Ian Wilkinson for another season, that will be separate from the Colts section.

This gives players and parents peace of mind that they can continue with the current u16 set-up for another year, or request to step up into the Colts section giving the best of both options. There would be RFU regulatory safety checks required for any u17 wanting to join the Colts for the 2021-2022 season however, due to under 19's being involved.

The Colts section will be run by Gary Tynan, along with Senior Forwards Coach Chris May. This group of players will not only receive the tremendous leadership and enthusiasm of Gary, but also the tutelage of a senior coach. Both coaches will continue to be supported by Bob Wilton, Mark Bryan & Andy Petty. Senior Squad Manager Jason Smith and DoR Steve Oram will also be involved in the player progress tracking.


At times and following RFU training guidelines, the players will also join in with senior training nights to get their taste of senior rugby integration and experience, whilst still playing age grade rugby and training on Sundays.

As the months progress and eligibility allows, players will get the opportunity should they wish, to play some senior games. This could be with the Veterans who will provide a world of experience in a friendly environment or with the Mustangs, or even a Barbarian social side. Again, adding to their familiarity in getting to know the culture, social and expectations of senior rugby. They will also be allocated a senior ‘buddy’ so that they have a familiar face on hand.

This bridge between Colts and Senior rugby should dovetail quite well to make the jump as easy as possible bringing both sections of the club closer together.

The club is looking to work with each and everyone of the exciting prospects coming through and will endeavour to keep development, safety and enjoyment at the forefront as we transition our Colts teams into senior rugby.