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MFC Team Communications Platform

March 19 2021


Maidstone Rugby has been reviewing the various communications platforms used throughout the club for player and parent communications. With so many forms of communication, things can understandably be missed or not advertised widely as it could be. Despite the best efforts of coaches and the club as a whole, there is a lot going on and not as many hours in the day.

Following the success of the use of the Spond app with the senior team, this will now be rolled out to all youth teams. There are many benfits to using the platform, which will also save valuable time.

Each youth team will sit within the 'club' as a whole on Spond. Club events and age group events can be added to the platform, which would then be easily and quickly visible to all to see and support. There is also the ability to pay for event tickets & tours direct through the app to once again save time. Players and parents can list their availability for games or training at a click of a button, allowing for the players, parents & coaches alike to save time whilst easily keeping track of attendances and availabilities. 

Having performed stringent reviews of the app, under 18 safety, as well as GDPR regulations have been made paramount. For under 18's only the players name would be retained and the contact details of the parent or guardian that has already been provided to the club. Should the unforeseen happen, the coach will have the emergency contact available at the fingertips for each player. Even though each age grade will be on the club app, only the coaches, safeguarding officer & club data officers can view the contact details and not everyone on the app.

After discussion at the last Youth Committee meeting, Jason Smith as Coaching Coordinator will now begin rolling out the app to each age group and assisting them with any technical issues. As we roll this out throughout the coming months, please keep a look out from emails from your coach and from Spond to get set-up.

This one platform should make administration easier, keep everyone up to date and allow for better support as well as visibility of all events for all players and parents. All the while keeping your details secure. We hope that you can support this effort as we continue to work together to ensure that #ONEGREATCLUB is a reality and not just a slogan.