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MFC Teams Up With Veo

March 18 2021

Maidstone Rugby has teamed up with Veo, to enhance training and player development. The new software allows for an operator-less camera to follow the action for training or games, utilising the intuitive software to time stamp key moments. This will allow coaches an easier point of reference of clips to share with players. The software also allows for screen drawing so that coaches can better illustrate the ideas and constructive feedback, as well as individual player tracking.

Players will also be able to see their own individual moments and work together with the coaches on improving our game.

From a club representation standpoint, it gives us the opportunity to showcase individual highlight packages as well as allow us to restart the matchday highlights on the clubs YouTube Channel MFCTV. Later in the year, Veo is looking at improving the platform to allow for live game streaming, complete with game stats and score overlay. Of course, there is nothing like being there


and the lads need your support. However, if you cannot get to the game or are one of our wider members living away, it gives you the opportunity to watch the game LIVE on a Saturday afternoon.

The coaches are beginning to look ahead to next season and incorporate the new coaching asset into their plans. As the plans develop and the software for the live streaming becomes available, we will keep you up to date.