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Grow-19 Join The OMMC

June 28th 2021

The Grow-19 Foundation offers the chance for adults aged 18-25 the opportunity for further education and work placement, to help them on their journey into work life. As part of this, they look to place individuals within the community for work and large scale projects. They have already found success with placing some students with Maidstone Borough Council. As part of being a community club, we are delighted to welcome Will on board as the first member from Grow-19 to join the Friday Grounds crew. In return for Will's services, we hope to be able to allow him some insight and learning on grounds maintenance as well as place him on any RFU courses to further his education.

Will has been getting to grips with the work over the past few weeks, under the watchful eye of aide Jane and our President, Paul Ehrhart. He is already becoming

a great asset and working diligently on a multitude of tasks. As the new academic year begins in September, we hope to grow the grounds crew with more students from Grow-19 to assist with the work already being undertaken by the OMMC.

Grow-19 have also offered their services for any larger scale projects we have going forward, to enable us to ensure plenty of hands are available for the task.


We are delighted to have Will onboard and look forward to more students joining the team, later in the year.