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Injured Players Liaison Officer

July 13th 2022


As a club and a sport, we are all conscious that accidents happen out on the field and players can be left with long term, if not life altering injuries. Usually the onus for communications falls on the team captains and/or coaches to remain in contact with the player, as well as offer support. With everybody having busy lives it is understandable that after first communication, follow ups can be few and far between. From a youth perspective, our coaches do a fantastic job, but they too are volunteers with many things on their plate.

With this in mind, the club will be setting up an Injured Player Liaison Officer. The intention of this role is for the officer to reach out to a potentially long term injured player in the first instance. They will check on the well being of the player, as well as provide any advice, support or guidance that the club can assist with on the players recovery. The IPLO will also ensure that coaches/captains maintain in contact with the long term injured players, to ensure that they are indeed thought about and missed.

We hope that this role would be needed very few and far between, but would provide an important service to our players and parents, should the unforeseen happen.

The club is in the process of setting the role up for the new season. We will have internal communications with coaches and captains across all age groups & teams to form the procedure ahead of the season to ensure that it is in place. Once again we hope that this role would not be used, but it will provide additional support beyond the usual scope to help make sure that no Maidstone Rugby family member is left behind.