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Lease Completed

January 28, 2021

It has been a long road, not without it's bumps along the way, but we can officially say, the deal is done.

With the lease on the grounds up for renewal, initial negotiations began back in 2009. Many can remember the long emails and diligence sent out from Jon Sargent to the membership on the progress at the start. As with many negotiations, both clubs were tasked with defining what both wanted and try to counter balance that with what was feasible. 

Just like Brexit, so many finer details needed to be ironed out and that deal seemed to be an illusive objective.

At the time, President Jim Tinsley took the bull by the horns so to speak driving the process forward, along with former finance officer Rob Lindsay, VP Steve Vincent & the Chairman who was at the time, the Club Secretary. The team spent countless hours in meetings with the Mote Trustees with the expiration date poised over everyone's head like guillotine. With Jim driving the cause on, a deal was finally struck in 2018. 

Unfortunately, times had shifted slightly with both clubs not being as successful as they had been. With Detling still very much on the cards, the financial impact within the lease, as well as other points, it was becoming clear that it would not be conducive to both clubs as it stood, sending them back to the negotiating table.

Since 2018 our relationship with The Mote has strengthened as we took a more reflective approach on our co-operations. Being stronger together was becoming more prevalent, and Mote Treasurer and Trustee Paul Heynes has been a bastion of goodwill and optimism. By 2020 a new lease had been agreed which had less financial impact for both clubs, as well as a share of bar profits for games out of season. A sign that things were changing and co-operation was vital more than ever. Both clubs have been building a sports base, welcoming the Mote Runners to the grounds, as well as working closer together on a variety of ideas from grounds-keeping, to business as a whole.

With COVID hitting the sporting world hard, both clubs came together to form a committee ensuring that the clubhouse could be as safe as possible. As well as operate with ever changing restrictions. It also demonstrated that both clubs are indeed stronger together, opening the door for discussions on a joint development of the grounds as an option for the members. 

The COVID impact also meant that the finalising of the lease took longer than expected, with delays in paperwork being pushed through as quickly as it normally would.

As of 28th January 2021, we are pleased to report the new lease is final, keeping us here at The Mote for another fifteen years. There are break clauses included, should the development at Detling or indeed the Mote get off the ground.

So many people have dedicated their time and energy on a volunteer basis to achieve the new lease. It is hard to thank all that has been involved over the years. However, we thank Cripps solicitors for their patience and diligence acting on our behalf, as well as Steve Vincent for continuing the dialogue with Cripps as well as the lease extensions whilst negotiations were concluded. the club also thanks the Mote Trustees for their efforts and support as we build for the future.

With a strong relationship, a new lease locked in and the prospect of a joint development, both clubs sit with a bright future once more together. Here's to the brighter days ahead.

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