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LooseHeadz Mental Wellbeing Ambassador

October 27th 2021


As part of being a community active club, mental wellbeing is a concern in today's day and age of informative, which can lead to pressures mentally. 

The looseheadz partnership programme aims to give every club access to a wide range of tools and initiatives which can aide its members with better mental health. The LooseHeadz Partnership Programme aims to promote, educate and raise awareness about better mental fitness. 

The campaign has partnered with GoVox Wellbeing, the tech solution to a very human problem. Embracing the fact that people are connecting more and more in society via their digital devices and social media. Keeping simplicity at its core, the

GoVox Wellbeing Check In can reach out to our club members (via email) and give them a route to speak up and ask for the clubs help. Founded in local rugby clubs, developed with students at Kings College London and supported by Local Minds and NHS, the GoVox Wellbeing Check In has proven effective, to ensure every club member has access to support.


We are delighted that former club captain and scrummaging coach Shaun Neaves has taken the initiative to become the clubs ambassador for the program. Shaun has many years of experience within his day job of helping those who have mental health issues, so his knowledge and compassion makes him a fantastic ambassador for the club.