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MFC Funds For Favours

February 1st, 2021

During the lockdown period, members have experienced some home emergencies. What has made matters worse, is that many home repair engineers are not available to make multiple household visits. Leaving some in distress and in need of help.

Recently, a few stories have emerged which has given club VP Dave Charlton an idea. When you are in need, you turn to your friends and at MFC, you have many! There is a plethora of skilled, resourceful and talented members that could help you with your emergency. Some members have already assisted others, but being pals, would not accept payment. Which is where the Funds For Favours idea came about.

If you are in need and a club mate helps you out with the kindness of their heart, you may still feel obliged to do something. So, why not make a small donation to the club instead?

By donating to the club, by even a small amount, you can help keep that place alive which has formed so many friendships over the years. Then you and your mates can enjoy the benefits once more when we are all back to normal.

If you do end up using this idea, please remember HANDS....FACE....SPACE. Ensure that you have masks, gloves and act responsibly when helping each other out. The government has stated that everyone has the right to live in a safe, liveable environment, which makes emergency repair work an allowed activity. Just don't abuse it.

To donate to the club, the account details are;

Maidstone Rugby Football Club Ltd.

Account # 00062872

Sort Code # 30-95-37

Reference: Funds4Favour

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