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MFC Mission Statement

Play together, laugh together, be together.

Maidstone FC looks to provide enjoyable and competitive rugby in an all-inclusive environment. The Club encourages the entire membership to learn new skills, develop community-wide values, meet new friends and enjoy the sport of rugby, regardless of ability or background.



The club has a vast array of members from youth, all the way through to long standing supporters. MFC dedicates itself to providing something for everyone.

Armed Forces

We are proud to be part of the Armed Forces Covenant, having close ties to local regiments. MFC provides support & free membership to its serving members.

In the community

As a Community & Benefit Society, the club prides itself in being part of the municipal area for nearly 140 years. We believe in give and take within the district & always aspire to give something back to its home town.


We embrace all cultures, creeds & abilities into the membership. There will always be a place for anyone & everyone at MFC.


The club organises and hosts various social events across the age spectrum, to bring people together.


The club believes in teamwork both on and off the field. The club relies on volunteers and will always endeavor to reward all that help contribute to the day to day running.


We are run by a membership appointed committee, representing all sections of the club. The club has policies and procedures in place to ensure a professional, yet sociable day to day running.


MFC has exceptional ties with schools, as well as the RFU, to provide the best possible rugby environment.


It is important to the club that it provides a stimulating atmosphere. Whether we are learning new skills, socialising together or working towards a common goal, there should always be an element of fun involved.


MFC provides its members with the facilities it needs as part of a rugby club. MFC believes in providing its members with the resources in house to assist them in their endeavours.


The club provides the best possible level of coaching to enable its players to become better players.

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