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Pounds For Pitches Winners
December, January & February

March 9th 2023

The draw has been done for the months of December, January and February in our Pounds For Pitches lottery.

Here are the winners.


£100 James Findlay

£50  Alex  Craven

£50  Ian Valentine

£50  John Lawrence

£50  Jim Walker



£100  Bob Beney

£50    Stuart Hammond

£50    James Findlay

£50    Jerry Sargent

£50    Dave Coleman



£100  Steve Vincent

£50    Mike Lawrenson

£50    James Findlay

£50    Brian Friday

£50    Stuart Hammond

The Pounds For Pitches (formerly 500Club) is your way to enter to win money each month. Half the proceeds go to maintaining the pitches and the other half for cash prizes. Find out how to join here.

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