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RFU: New Tackle Law Update

February 17th 2023


The RFU will be launching a series of initiatives to listen to and learn from people across the game by consulting on the process around implementation of a lower tackle height in the community game. The consultation will allow the game to discuss why this is happening, what the optimal tackle height should be, and what needs to be factored in to make it a success.

The RFU is seeking the support of the community game to implement change in a way that ensures rugby remains the sport we all know and love. The consultation will formally launch at the beginning of March with a survey giving everyone across the game the chance to have their say. There will also be an extensive series of online and face to face consultations across the country. Working with Constituent Bodies the RFU will ensure the consultation reaches a broad and representative cross-section of people – from players and coaches, through to match officials and disciplinary officials, and to club volunteers and parents representing both the adult and junior male and female games. Changing the tackle height is believed by the RFU as an important step in reducing the risk of player head injuries and concussion in the community game. It’s backed by a large body of scientific evidence, and is aligned with recent steps taken by France, other Home Nations and New Zealand. After external analysis of the data, the RFU stated that they will listen to our feedback and this will be taken back to the RFU Council to determine the way forward.

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