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Spitfire Gold Veterans Competition

Principles of the competition

Competition rules can be found here:

Competition Objectives

The structure is Pools of 4 teams playing 3 games each, followed by Semi-Finals for the teams finishing 1st and 2nd in Tier 2 for a place in either the Bowl or Shield final.   In Tier 1, the pool winners will play the pool runners up on finals day.   (The 3rd and 4th place sides could play one another for the Plate on Semi-finals day or on a mutually convenient date, at the ground of whichever club played away in the group stages.)

1.    Group stages to follow the same rules and points scoring system as the Shepherd Neame Kent Rural Leagues except:

 - No limit on size of squad and number of replacements used

- No players under 35

- Maximum of 5 players in 35-39 age group on the field at any time. (Skippers should identify any under 40s on match day, to their opposition skipper)

- Front-row rules: If a team starts with or reverts to uncontested scrums, they lose 7   points from their on-field score. 

- “Game On” initiative.  Teams facing opposition with less than 15 players but at least 12, must reduce their on-field numbers to match the opposition – and/or provide players to them.  (To be agreed before the game)

- Any team that loses after making such “Game On” concessions, will gain a bonus point in the pool stages.      


2.     Knockout stages as above.  In the event of a tie after 80 minutes, the away team wins, except in the Finals, when a tied game will be awarded to the team scoring most tries, or if still tied, most converted tries or if still tied, drop-goal shoot-out for 5 players.

3.     All games to be played on or before the default date except where weather intervenes.  Matches to be re-arranged by agreement of both teams and the organizers. 

4.     There is no requirement for participants to be paid-up club members of the participating clubs, as we are trying to encourage retired players to turn out 4 or 5 times a season with their old mates. Each club can handle this as they see fit.

5.     Home team to provide food and society ref.


Notes to Spitfire Gold Veterans Competition 2022-23.


Semi-Finals default date is Sun 26th Feb, Finals day is Sunday 26th March

Semi Final Home draw will go to any team that played 2 away games in the pool stages.  If this applies to both of a pair of semi-finalists, the home-draw will go to the team with most Pool-stage points.

Pool stage points will be allocated as per Junior League structure ie 4 points for a win, 3 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for forfeit, 1 bonus point for a losing score within 7 points of winners.

Please contact Kent Refs Society asap, to book society referees.

Any queries to Richard Ewence to:


T; 07710 153 363


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