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Spitfire Gold Veterans Competition

Principles of the competition

Competition rules can be found here:

Competition Objectives

  1. The aim of the Competition is to help sustain Vets rugby in Kent by providing a coherent, meaningful and enjoyable competition for older players.

  2. The first principle is that we should strive to conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly, hospitable and sporting manner in our dealings with one another.

  3. There is no point in playing rugby unless we are trying to win but participation is also important and all participants should make every effort to get their matches played – and on time.

  4. Sunday afternoons are preferred to encourage wider support and boost club bar profits.

  5. The competition is divided into two Tiers, to cater for larger and smaller clubs – in the interests of realistic competition.

  6. The Pool stages are grouped geographically to avoid excessive travelling.

It’s pleasing to note that there has been a great response to the competition this year, proving perhaps that Vets in Kent are not only alive (thankfully) and well (hopefully) but raring to go. This year we have 32 clubs for the first time, which is the ideal number to work with. There are likely to be 3 levels of competition this year. with 4 trophies up for grabs.


Clearly, there is a disparity between the playing strengths and resources of the various clubs - not to mention average age - and it detracts from the enjoyment if teams are pitched in at the wrong level. Tier 1 will be playing for the Spitfire Gold Cup. (It's not gold btw) You've got to be in it to win it !! Tier 2 will be playing for the bowl. Tier 3 will be playing for the Shield. A likely format is that there could be 8 clubs in the top tier, 16 clubs in the middle tier and 8 clubs in the lower tier. If this proves to be the case, the Plate will also be played for by the middle tier. Whichever tier, you will have 3 pool matches and then maybe a semi-final and final. Just a word about ages. We don't want teams of under 40s walking away with this, so skippers should be prepared to identify the U40s in their match day squads (and definitely no Under 35s at all) and there should never be more than 5 under 40s from the squad on the field at any time. It's a matter of fairness and playing in the spirit of the game.



Fixtures will be published by the end of August at latest.

Any queries to Richard Ewence to:


T; 07710 153 363