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Spitfire Gold Veterans Competition

Principles of the competition

Competition Objectives

  1. The aim of the Competition is to help sustain Vets rugby in Kent by providing a coherent, meaningful and enjoyable competition for older players.

  2. The first principle is that we should strive to conduct ourselves in a gentlemanly, hospitable and sporting manner in our dealings with one another.

  3. There is no point in playing rugby unless we are trying to win but participation is also important and all participants should make every effort to get their matches played – and on time.

  4. Sunday afternoons are preferred to encourage wider support and boost club bar profits.

  5. The competition is divided into two Tiers, to cater for larger and smaller clubs – in the interests of realistic competition.

  6. The Pool stages are grouped geographically to avoid excessive travelling

This year, we have returned to 24 clubs, with the welcome addition of Gravesend and Deal & Betts, but with the loss (hopefully temporary) of Cranbrook, Elths, Anchs and Ashford.
However, in a change from previous seasons – and to reflect the preferences expressed for playing levels – the Spitfire Cup will be contested by only 8 clubs (Tier 1), whilst 16 clubs will compete in the Tier 2 competition for the Bowl and for the Shield, with the Plate being rested this season (This assists with the Finals Day logistics this year, as the only realistic date is in March before the clocks go forward, meaning that it would be difficult to stage 4 consecutive matches, whereas 3 can be comfortably accommodated).

Competition rules can be found here:
* Denotes Losing team bonus point for a score within 7 points.
# Denotes result invalid owing to underage player(s)
Voided games give both sides 2 points and 0-0 score.