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A band of young courageous men who are starting to understand that a teams bond created in rugby is hard to break and last for years to come.
It's not all about the game it is about a family of coaches, parents and "the team" experiencing the skills of a great sport, how to socialise as a group and to respect each other.
The lads are from different schools however the ethos of play together win or lose runs through them all.
This year we will be lifting in the line out  our “chunky” forward coaches are looking forward to developing this throughout the season.
Our skilful and agile back coaches are excited to bring some pace, flair and structure to both defence and attack.
We train on Wednesday evenings with matches on a Sunday, we always ensure that lads of all abilities get too show their skills.

A brief introduction to Team Hurricanes......


Pete Brown (Admin/New enquiries)
Tel: (M) 07977134771
Email: petebrown1979@me.com

Bob Wilton (Forward coach)
Tel:(M) 07786 071228
Email: bobbywilton1@googlemail.com

Mark Bryan (Forward coach)
Tel:(M) 07974 236824
Email: markbryan1@hotmail.co.uk

Nick Galle (Forward coach)
Tel: Mobile 07935 456364
Email: nickgalle@me.com